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America's 911 Foundation Inc. - Supporting Those Who Protect US All


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Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my site. 

Back in 1980 I got involved in the coffee business. I worked at a company called Old Time Coffee Inc located in the Pittsburgh area. After working in the business for about 12 years I decided I wanted to purchase the business from the owners. Old Time Coffee Inc was an Office Coffee Service and we serviced thousands of businesses in Western Pa with Coffee Service, Water Service, Water Filtration, and did a small amount of Vending Service.

When 911 happened, I thought about all the first responders that responded and all the lives that were lost. Being an avid motorcyclist, I met a few guys from Virginia when I attended a motorcycle event that they were doing in 2003. The event is called the Americas 911 Ride. Every year on the second weekend of August the foundation does a ride to all 3 crash sights. The ride starts in Shanksville Pa on a Friday at 6:00 am. We ride from there to the Pentagon in Arlington VA. We stay at hotels around the Pentagon and on Saturday morning at 6:00 am we are ready to ride to Ground Zero in NY. We arrive in NY about 6:00 pm Saturday night. The entire ride stays at the Sheraton in Time Square. Sunday at 8:00 am. We ride to the reflection ponds at Freedom Towers and visit the museum.

911 Coffee Blends - Mike and Paul Krich

Hero's Blend Coffee was my bestselling coffee.
I owned Old Time Coffee from 1992 till May of 2015. Sold the business and retired at a ripe old age of 52. After sitting at home for 3 months I thought about how I could help more. I joined the EMS Station where I lived and became a first responder. Mostly I drove the ambulance and assisted the Medic’s and EMT with calls. I figured I’m retired; I can do 5-12 hours shifts a week. It was rewarding.

If you like to drink coffee like do (2 to 3 pots a day) you will love Hero’s Blend Coffee. It’s the kind of coffee you can drink all day, Great Flavor, Refreshing, and every time you brew a pot you are helping the American 911 Foundation with their efforts in supporting First Responders, First Responders Children, and the Supplies and Equipment needed at the stations. Please order a 1lb bag to try for yourself, or order a case of the packets for the office at your Fire, Police or Ems station. You’ll be the Hero there once they tried the coffee.

Please visit their web site at www.americas911foundation.org

We Support the Cause of the America's 911 Foundation

We send 10% of all profits from our Hero's Blend to the America's 911 foundation. The owner, Mr. Selvaggio is a member of this foundation. The main goal of the America's 911 Foundation is to raise money for:

  • Education and college funds for the children of first responders
  • Medical equipment for EMS and fire station

America's 911 Foundation is 100% volunteer organization -- all donations are greatly appreciated.